Merry Christmas

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Tell Us Dear Joseph

You came from afar for a census, they say,
With your Virgin Bride and a Child on the way.
To Bethlehem come, the “House of Bread”,
The City of David, but no room, no bed.
Sent to a cave, a stall for some beasts.
There you went to prepare the King’s feast.
Tell us dear Joseph, what did you see?
An ox, an ass, and a manger of feed.

Jesus, Messiah, Emmanuel! Glory to the God of Israel!
Gloria in excelsis Deo, Gloria in altissimis,
Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis!

Tell us dear Joseph, how could this be?
That God sent His Son setting us free,
But no one would come, no one would care,
No one adore, no one be there?
Yet the birth of the Babe brings joy to the land.
The birth of the Savior, revealing God’s plan.
And Angels proclaim, they sing to the Lord.
Shepherds make haste, they come and adore. [Chorus]

He lay in a manger that holy night.
On Christmas Eve – all sorrows took flight.
And piercing the dark – a glowing new star!
And kings in wonder, they came from afar. [Chorus]