Gregorian Masses

Gregorian Masses
Over the years many have asked if I offer Gregorian Masses and up until now I have, as a rule, had to decline because of my chaplaincy duties. But I no longer serve the Carmelite Nuns as chaplain. The fact is that very, very few priests can take on a series of Gregorian Masses because of their pastoral responsibilities and the Mass intentions of the faithful, and even fewer are able to do this using the Tridentine Latin Mass. Starting today I am able to commit to 9 Gregorian Mass series per year. Some important notes:

  • I am still not able to take on private Mass intentions. Please work with your local parish or a group like the FSSP for individual Mass intentions.
  • My stipend for Gregorian Masses is $500 – one, to keep the requests to a reasonable number; two, to help sustain me in my life as a Hermit.
  • First come, first serve. Once I have committed to nine I will keep other requests in the order I receive them and reach out to them as soon as I am able to commit to their intention during the upcoming year.
  • Stipends will have to be sent via check or money order (unless the request is from outside of the USA) – details for the stipend will be sent once you sign up and I am able to commit to your intention.
  • To get in the line up use the Contact Page and for subject enter “Gregorian Masses”