Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers the Novena Masses and where are they offered?

All of the Novena Masses are offered by me (Fr. Maximilian Mary of Jesus Crucified). I normally offer the Masses on the altar in my Chapel at St. Joseph Hermitage unless I happen to be away. Masses are not open to the public.

Can I enroll the deceased in the Easter or Christmas Novena?

Yes. The All Souls Novnea is for the deceased only whereas Easter and Christmas are for anyone living or deceased.

Father, can you accept Mass intentions (including private Mass novenas)?

Due to high demand and being only one priest, I am currently unable to take on individual, private Mass intentions.

Do you offer spiritual direction?

No. My role in the Mystical Body of Christ is that of prayer, solitude and penance.

Have you ever thought about founding a community?

My vocation is that of a solitary hermit in the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA. I am not called to found a community or a “laura” of hermits. The greatest thing I can do for others who are discerning Franciscan or solitary life is to be faithful to my own Rule of Life as a hermit and to pray for them.

Can I send you my prayer intentions?

Yes, by all means – use the Contact Page and I will keep your intentions in my prayers. Praying for your needs and intentions is part of my job description.

Are donations tax deductible?

No. Due to changes made by the USCCB and the IRS in 2017 my Hermitage does not qualify to be inserted into the Official Catholic Directory and I have no plans to set up a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation with board members, meetings, by-laws, etc. Donations are most welcome, but it’s basically like giving money to the poor (and therefore not tax deductible).